People are Talking about Brent

"Brent Neiser is a 25-year resident of Greenwood Village who is committed and caring.  He’s spent hours walking District 3 and listening to your concerns.  He will be faithful in representing the needs and viewpoints of District 3 constituents."


Nancy Sharpe, County Commissioner and Former Greenwood Village Mayor

"This year, citizens within District 3 will have a very tough decision to elect representation to our Greenwood Village City Council.  We have 4 qualified candidates; in fact, I personally appointed 2 of the 4 to commissions. 


The primary issue is: who will represent us on the Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable?  I feel that all our current candidates agree that Centennial Airport should not expand, but only one has shown the dedication to carry out this time-consuming task.  Brent Neiser has consistently attended Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable meetings, and has committed to representing us there.  This is one of the most critical liaison positions.  I would hate to see the Roundtable without representation by Greenwood Village.  Historically, Greenwood Village has led the charge in fighting airport noise for 20 years.  Brent is stepping forward (even before he is elected) to tackle this difficult issue."


Karen Blilie, Former District 3 Council Member and Mayor Pro tem

"I am honored to endorse Brent Neiser, whom I've known for 22 years. We've collaborated on numerous financial education projects, and I have witnessed his success developing programs for National Endowment for Financial Education and for numerous local and national organizations. Brent is deeply committed to his family, his community, and his country, and has distinguished himself as a thoughtful and creative leader."


Linda Childears, President and CEO Daniels Fund

"Brent Neiser and I served together on the Greenwood Village Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission as Vice-Chair and Chair respectively.  What struck me about Brent was his creative approach toward projects and issues which made him a valued, influential member of the Commission.  In addition to his own research and reasoning, he always embraced public input and collective decision-making. 


Brent Neiser possesses the temperament, wisdom, humor, and commitment to be a first-rate city council member.  He cares about community, culture, sustainability, and a transparent governing process in Greenwood Village.  You will like Brent’s style and the diverse perspective and empathy he will bring to nearly any issue facing our city and neighborhoods. "


Joann R. Long, former Chair of Greenwood Village Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission

"I have had the pleasure of working with Brent Neiser on the Greenwood Village Park, Trails and Recreation Commission for 3 years.  He listens well, is thoughtful and provides welcome insight to all of our meetings and work sessions.  He has represented his district well and I whole-heartedly endorse Brent as a candidate for City Council."


Kathy McClintock, Vice Chair of Greenwood Village Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission

"For over 30 years, I’ve worked side-by-side and known Brent Neiser for over 30 years and watched him continually develop a remarkable portfolio of skills and accomplishments devoted to leadership, knowledge and service.  I have long admired his unswerving integrity and values, personally and professionally, with a commitment and a conscience to always do the right things for his family, his career, his faith and his country.   All of Brent’s special attributes have factored into building a long-time nationally renowned reputation as an outstanding leader, collaborator and program developer in the financial services field with the focus of helping people to improve and enhance their financial capabilities and resources.   As a Greenwood Village city council member, Brent Neiser will bring the same passion and wisdom through a resume of accumulated diverse experiences and expertise which will enable him to serve you and your fellow citizens with excellence."


Marv Tuttle, CEO (retired) Financial Planning Association

"Brent Neiser is a competent leader with strong personal values and integrity.  He is also committed to representing Greenwood Village at Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable.  Brent will provide responsible leadership in all he does for the Village."


Candy Figa, Former District 3 Council Member


“I fully endorse Brent Neiser for City Council. He is a long time resident of Greenwood Village and has served the community in many different ways. Brent is a very thoughtful and open-minded person willing to listen to all sides of an issue. He has a strong background in finance and would be a great addition to the City Council.”


Jerry Presley,  Greenwood Village Council Member







“In the last 15 months, Brent Neiser has attended over 75% of the Greenwood City Council Study Sessions. He voluntarily immersed himself in current and emerging issues facing Greenwood Village. This will be a great asset to Brent’s service to District 3 residents. Brent will be a fully prepared and engaged member of City Council and I recommend his election.”


Denise Rose,  Greenwood Village Council Member





"Brent Neiser is a community leader who takes a proactive role within the City of Greenwood Village to educate himself on issues affecting the entire City, as well as those hyperlocal to his constituency in District 3. Brent’s approachable, informed personality makes him a natural leader who will serve as a very strong City Councilmember. In addition, Brent’s listening skills and thoughtfulness will be a tremendous asset for citizens and the City. I will be proud and honored to call Brent a City Councilmember for District 3 and urge my fellow neighbors to strongly consider Brent this November."

Bryan Zerr, CPA & Realtor
Resident of the Hermitage at DTC
Inaugural Member of Greenwood Village University 2015


"Brent has been a long-time leader in the Denver community.  His commitment to children and community well-being is unsurpassed.  Of particular note, Brent and his wife Marion have adopted three school-age, special needs children from the foster care system (including two Wednesday’s children featured on CBS 4).  His passion for the children goes well beyond his own family to the community as a whole.  For many years, Brent has served as a board member, long-time donor, advocate and volunteer to The Adoption Exchange (which works to find permanent homes for Colorado’s children in foster care).  Brent is a true community treasure."


Lauren Arnold, Executive Director The Adoption Exchange