Community Focus

Positioning the City for the Future


  • Preserve fiscal strength and keep taxes low
  • Maintain balance sheet with no short term/long-term debt, no pension debt
  • Use smart city technology and data

Former Member – Greenwood Village Budget Review Committee
Senior Director - National Endowment for Financial Education
President - Inhabit That, LLC
MBA Univ. of Louisville, Executive Scholars Program - Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern
CFP® Certified Financial Planner™

"This year, citizens within District 3 will have a very tough decision to elect representation to our Greenwood Village City Council.  We have 4 qualified candidates; in fact, I personally appointed 2 of the 4 to commissions. 

The primary issue is: who will represent us on the Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable?  I feel that all our current candidates agree that Centennial Airport should not expand, but only one has shown the dedication to carry out this time-consuming task.  Brent Neiser has consistently attended Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable meetings, and has committed to representing us there.  This is one of the most critical liaison positions.  I would hate to see the Roundtable without representation by Greenwood Village.  Historically, Greenwood Village has led the charge in fighting airport noise for 20 years.  Brent is stepping forward (even before he is elected) to tackle this difficult issue."


Karen Blilie, Former District 3 Council Member and Mayor Pro tem

Airport Noise


  • Maintain my personal commitment to represent Greenwood Village at the Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable.

  • Look for evidence-based and best-practice solutions to reduce and monitor noise impacts on our neighborhoods.

Traffic and Roads


  • Protect Orchard Road from expansion.

  • Work to improve neighborhood resident access to and from our major roadways.

  • Identify and evaluate neighborhood safety issues and discourage cut-throughs.

  • Work with employers to stagger work hours to mitigate congestion.  Building new roads will not solve the traffic issues. 



  • Follow and enhance the city’s comprehensive plan

  • Guide development decisions with citizen input and critical thinking

  • Evaluate development proposals that promote high quality office and retail settings and promote owner-occupied residential, primarily single family homes and “next stage” senior residential downsizing options close to retail.

  • Greenwood Village is an attractive employment hub whose workers pay much of the city’s taxes. Balance development decisions to maintain, sustain, and pay for the city services and quality of life we enjoy, (police, roads, snow removal, recreation reimbursement, parks, trails and open space).

  • Look for economic development solutions that can improve and continue to use older Greenwood Village office buildings to attract entrepreneurs and companies in early growth stages.  (i.e. Where will the next eBags set up shop?)

  • Not every older office building in Greenwood Village should be scraped-off and a tower put in its place.  This is sustainable, preserves view corridors, and does not increase density.  We need a diversity of office buildings for a diverse economy – office space that is affordable for small and emerging businesses.

  • Maintain and enhance parks, trails and open space to meet resident needs and ecological sustainability.